I watch a lot of YouTube. I’d like to think its solely for education purposes but I cant justify watching Limp Bizkit live for an hour as something that expands the mind. That was the end of a particularly laborious wormhole excursion so I’m not ashamed of it.


The vast majority of my YouTube time is spent watching photography videos. I find them an endless source of education and inspiration. I hate the latter word. It makes me want to bite off my fingers and spit them in a bin but my vocabulary isn’t big enough to think of an appropriate synonym. 


So I feel that my time spent on YouTube when I have a family is mildly more justified I’ve put together a small list of my top 4 (odd number I know) photography channels on youtube.




Regardless of your skill level or knowledge Kyle’s channel is an absolute must for anyone with an interest in photography. From film exposure tests to learning to scan at home Kyle covers a varied and extensive range of topics. With his background in film the video production is flawless and his humbly Canadian persona along with his mesmerisingly luscious beard keeps the content informative but never intimidating. With no shortage of output Kyle also has a podcast series called The Contact Sheet, available on through all podcast providers and through his website linked below. 

The vast majority of Kyles work is shot in America on medium format but with a recent move to the UK we’re seeing a change in gears that I’m really looking forward to following. 

You can also listen to my interview with Kyle on the Onlock’d podcast. Available at Apple Podcasts




Being into film photography we all like to drink good coffee at good coffee bars. It’s ok to admit it. I’m sure most of you have tattoos. I do. 

Christopher Sturm is the man behind The Photo Dept and the guy in front of the lens. He also loves good coffee. 

I came across this channel a year or so ago and loved the bare, casual approach Chris takes to his videos. The content feels like a chat with a like minded friend. In a warm room. With lo fi jazz on. His gear and film stock reviews are always on point and fair and I love his takes on the cultural and economic side of our industry.

Chris’s work is masterclass in how to nail the pastel tones of film and can be seen at the link below.




Barney is relatively new to me. I stumbled across a video of his because I was drawn the font. Cool story huh? Like me Barney is a screaming advocate for the Pentax 67. Unlike me he’s unbelievably good looking. His distinctly English nonchalance and honesty is super refreshing in the ocean of bullshit available on YouTube and his portrait work is second to none. Again, like my other recs, Barney never get too technical but isn’t so assumptive and vague that you're totally lost. 

Check out his work on his insta @barneyarthurphoto 




George Muncey has a lot to answer for. This man is majorly responsible for the current cost of a  Leica M6 being around the same price as a horse. 

Started around 4 years ago this channel pumped youthful life back into the dismissed corpse of film photography. That may be hyperbole but the medium was definitely needing a revival among younger photography enthusiasts and Negative Feedback certainly helped to achieve this. 

If you haven’t watched the channel I would highly recommend going all the way back to the start. George has grown as a photographer, creator and host over the years and its actually worth taking the journey to the present. Lo fi beats, dry humour, some great mini docs and gear reviews make this not only a great channel for novices but seasoned analogue shooters.

Georges work:






Written by Onlock Apparel